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| A |

“Alice in Wonderlust” [SYNOPSIS]
“Aliens: Alchemy” [SYNOPSIS]
“Alone” [SYNOPSIS]
“Angel of Andromeda” [SYNOPSIS]
Hard John Apple: “An Angel Shy of Hell” [SYNOPSIS]
“Anti-Christmas” [SYNOPSIS]
“Antique Shop” [SYNOPSIS]
“Apposites Attract” [SYNOPSIS]
“Arthur Jermyn” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Assignation” [SYNOPSIS]
“As Though They Were Living!” [SYNOPSIS]
Creepy’s Loathsome Lore! #35: “Astrology” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Awakening” [SYNOPSIS]

| B |

“Banner” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Beast of Wolfton” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Believer” [SYNOPSIS]
“Belzon’s Treasure” [SYNOPSIS]
“Berenice” [SYNOPSIS] | “Berenice [II]” [SYNOPSIS]
“Bigfoot” [SYNOPSIS]
“Birthday!” [SYNOPSIS]
“Bless Us, Father…” [SYNOPSIS]
“Blind Choice” [SYNOPSIS]
“Bloodsport” [SYNOPSIS]
“Bloodstar” aka “King of the Northern Abyss” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Bodyssey” [SYNOPSIS]
“Bogged in the Bayou!” [SYNOPSIS]
“Bog’s Deal” [SYNOPSIS]
Shadows on the Grave Afterword #5: “The Bonecollector!” [SYNOPSIS]
“Bookworm” [SYNOPSIS]
“Bowser” [SYNOPSIS]
“A Brief Encounter at War”, see “Encounter at War”
“Bright Eyes!” [SYNOPSIS]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: “Best Served Cold” [SYNOPSIS]
“Bull Digger” [SYNOPSIS]
The Butcher, Part 1(2), see “Forgive Us Our Tresspasses”
The Butcher, Part 2(2): “Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie” [SYNOPSIS]

| C |

“The Canal” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Cask of Amontillado” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Cave of Ancient Fear” [SYNOPSIS]
“Change…Into Something Comfortable” [SYNOPSIS]
“Chance Meeting!”, see “Tarzan: Chance Meeting!”
“Chard” [SYNOPSIS]
Child, Part 1(3): “Child” [SYNOPSIS]
Child, Part 2(3): “Childhood’s End” [SYNOPSIS]
Child, Part 3(3): “Mind of the Mass!” [SYNOPSIS]
“Children of Fire”, see “Den 3: Children of Fire”
“Cidopey” [SYNOPSIS]
“The City in the Sea” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Clown” [SYNOPSIS]
“Coherer” [SYNOPSIS]
“El Comico Vivo” [SYNOPSIS]
“Conan the Cimmerian” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Conqueror Worm” [SYNOPSIS] | “The Conqueror Worm [II]” [SYNOPSIS]
Creepy’s Loathsome Lore! #35, see “Astrology”
Creepy’s Loathsome Lore!, Part 2(2), see “The Golden Sun Disk of the Incas”
“Cyclops!” [SYNOPSIS]

| D |

“Dagon” [SYNOPSIS]
“Damsel in Dragon Dress” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Dare!” [SYNOPSIS]
Shadows on the Grave Foreword #2: “Dark Passageways” [SYNOPSIS]
“Dead Hill” [SYNOPSIS]
Shadows on the Grave Foreword #3: “Deadwell Cemetery Sentinel” [SYNOPSIS]
“Denaeus” [SYNOPSIS]
“Demon in the Cockpit” [SYNOPSIS]
“Den [I]” [SYNOPSIS] | “Den II” [SYNOPSIS]
“Den 3: Children of Fire” [SYNOPSIS]
“Den 4: Dreams” [SYNOPSIS]
“Den 5: Elements” [SYNOPSIS]
“DenSaga” [SYNOPSIS]
“Different” [SYNOPSIS]
“Dome Battle” [SYNOPSIS]
“Donneman’s Bluff” [SYNOPSIS]
“Don’t Steal from the Dead!” [SYNOPSIS]
“Doomscult” [SYNOPSIS]
“Dreaming” [SYNOPSIS]
“Duel of the Titans” [SYNOPSIS]
“A Dumb Story” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Dweller In the Dark” [SYNOPSIS]

| E |

“[A Brief] Encounter at War” [SYNOPSIS]
“Elements”, see “Den 5: Elements”
The Punisher: “The End” [SYNOPSIS]
“Eulalie” [SYNOPSIS]

| F |

“Fair Trade” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Fall of the House of Usher” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Fall of the House of Usher [II]” [SYNOPSIS]
Fantagor Epilogue #1, see “Inna Pit”
Fantagor Epilogue #3, see Flower Thing
Fantagor Epilogue #4, see “We Sure Likes Worms”
Fantagor Epilogue #5, see “Gurgy Tate”
Fantagor Intro #1: “Fantagor and Uk” [SYNOPSIS]
Fantagor Intro #2: “Fantagor and Uk Waiting Fer Ya” [SYNOPSIS]
Fantagor Intro #3: “Me and UK Fishing”
Fantagor Intro #4: “Luscious Lucious”
Fantagor Intro #5: “The Light of Day”
“Fireworks” [SYNOPSIS]
“Flex!” [SYNOPSIS]
Fantagor Epilogue #3: “Flower Thing” [SYNOPSIS]
“For Better or Worse?” [SYNOPSIS]
“Forewords [#4] by Mag the Hag”, see “The Orval Krund Story”
“Forgotten Tomb” [SYNOPSIS]
“For the Love of a Daemon” [SYNOPSIS]
The Butcher, Part 1(2): “Forgive Us Our Tresspasses” [SYNOPSIS]
“Friedhelm the Magnificent” [SYNOPSIS]
“From the Pit” [SYNOPSIS]
“Frozen Beauty” [SYNOPSIS]
“Fur Trade” [SYNOPSIS]

| G |

“Gastric Fortitude” [SYNOPSIS]
Ghost Rider: “Hell to Pay” [SYNOPSIS]
“Going Home”
“Gone Fishin'” [SYNOPSIS]
Creepy’s Loathsome Lore! #34: “The Golden Sun Disk of the Incas” [SYNOPSIS]
“A Gothic Tale [Part 2]” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Grave Flies” [SYNOPSIS]
Shadows on the Grave Afterword #1: “Grave of Horror” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Grifter!” [SYNOPSIS]
Fantagor Epilogue #5: “Gurgy Tate” aka “Sortrum” [SYNOPSIS]

| H |

“Halloween Glasses” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Happienst Day” [SYNOPSIS]
Hard John Apple: “An Angel Shy of Hell”
Horrilor Intro #1: “Harrowing Heights” [SYNOPSIS]
“Haunted House”, short version of “Horrible Harvey’s House!” (no first 3 pages!)
John Constantine, Hellblazer: “Hard Time” [SYNOPSIS]
“Heirs of Earth” [SYNOPSIS]
Hellboy: “Being Human” [SYNOPSIS]
Hellboy: “The Bride of Hell” [SYNOPSIS]
Hellboy: “The Crooked Man” [SYNOPSIS]
Hellboy: “Double Feature of Evil”: “Sullivan’s Reward” & “The House of Sebek” [SYNOPSIS]
Hellboy: “House of the Living Dead” [SYNOPSIS]
Hellboy: “In Mexico” aka “Camazotz” [SYNOPSIS]
Hellboy: “Makoma” [SYNOPSIS]
Hellboy: “The Mirror [SYNOPSIS]
Ghost Rider: “Hell to Pay” [SYNOPSIS]
“Herbert West: Reanimator”
“The Hero Within” [SYNOPSIS]
X-Men: “Heroes for Hope” [SYNOPSIS]
“A Hill of Husbands!” [SYNOPSIS]
“Horrible Harvey’s House!” [SYNOPSIS]
Horrilor Afterwords #1: “Horrilor at Her Desk” [SYNOPSIS]
Horrilor Afterwords #2: “Horrilor’s Fare Well” [SYNOPSIS]
Horrilor Intro #1, see “Harrowing Heights”
Horrilor Intro #2: “Horrilor, Eager and Waitin” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Hounds of Titus Roan” [SYNOPSIS]
“The House On the Borderland” [SYNOPSIS]
“How Howie Made It in the Real World” [SYNOPSIS]
Shadows on the Grave Afterword #6: “Hungry House” [SYNOPSIS]

| I |

“In Deep” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Illuminations of Charity Wallis” [SYNOPSIS]
“Incantation” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Inducemet” [SYNOPSIS]
“Infected” [SYNOPSIS]
Fantagor Epilogue #1: “Inna Pit” [SYNOPSIS]
“Instinct” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Island!” [SYNOPSIS]

| J |

“Jeremy Brood” [SYNOPSIS]
“Judas” [SYNOPSIS]

| K |

“Killer Smile” [SYNOPSIS]
“King of the Northern Abyss”, see “Bloodstar”
“King’s Crown” [SYNOPSIS]
“Kitten for Christian” [SYNOPSIS]

| L |

“The Lake” [SYNOPSIS]
“Lame Lem’s Love” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Lamp” [SYNOPSIS]
“A Last, Full Measure” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Last Voyage of Sindbad”
“The Light at the End of the Tunnel” [SYNOPSIS]
Fantagor Intro #5: “The Light of Day” [SYNOPSIS]
Shadows on the Grave Foreword #6: “The Lionel Wayne Jameson Story” [SYNOPSIS]
Swamp Thing: “Little Runaway” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Low Spark of High Heeled Noise!”
Fantagor Intro #4: “Luscious Lucious” [SYNOPSIS]
“Luke Cage: Hero for Hire”, see Cage
“The Lure of the Tower” [SYNOPSIS]
“Lycanklutz” [SYNOPSIS]

| M |

Hellboy: “Makoma” [SYNOPSIS]
“Mangle, Robot Mangler”
“The Man on the Juice Wagon” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Masque of the Red Death” [SYNOPSIS]
Shadows on the Grave Afterword #4: “Masquerade” [SYNOPSIS]
Masks: Too Hot for TV! Uncensored, see “Redhawk – Costumed Hero”
“Max Comics: Cage”, see “Cage”
“Me an’ Ol’ Rex” [SYNOPSIS]
Fantagor Intro #3: “Me and UK Fishing” [SYNOPSIS]
“Melton’s Big Game” [SYNOPSIS]
“A Memory” [SYNOPSIS]
Vampi’s Feary Tales: “Metifa!” [SYNOPSIS]
“Mind of the Mass!”, see Child, Part 3(3)
“Mirror Image” [SYNOPSIS]
The Wild Satanika Jam: “Mirror Into Black” [SYNOPSIS]
The Spectre: “A Missing Life” [SYNOPSIS]
Swamp Thing: “Missing Links” [SYNOPSIS]
“Mola the Mole”
Batman: “Monster Maker” [SYNOPSIS]
“Monsters Rule” [SYNOPSIS]
The Spirit: “The Moon” [SYNOPSIS]
“Morella” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Mounds” [SYNOPSIS]
“A Muddy Plot” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Mummy’s Victory” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Murders in the Rue Morgue” [SYNOPSIS]
“Murky World” [SYNOPSIS]
“Murky World [II]!” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Music of Erich Zann”
“Mutant World” [SYNOPSIS]

| N |

“Necromancer” [SYNOPSIS]
“New Tales of the Arabian Nights” [SYNOPSIS]
“Night of the Monkey” [SYNOPSIS]

| O |

“Ogre [I]” [SYNOPSIS] | “Ogre II” [SYNOPSIS]
“On the Street” [SYNOPSIS]
Shadows on the Grave Foreword #4: “The Orval Krund Story” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Oval Portrait!” [SYNOPSIS]

| P |

“The Pest!” [SYNOPSIS]
“Pilgor, Dreams of a Magic Planet” [SYNOPSIS]
“Pinball Wizard!” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Plague” [SYNOPSIS]
“Planetoid” [SYNOPSIS]
“Pollution” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Prematural Burial” [SYNOPSIS]
The Punisher, see “The End”

| Q |
| R |

“Ragemoor” [SYNOPSIS]
“Rat God” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Rats in the Walls” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Raven” [SYNOPSIS] | “The Raven [II]” [SYNOPSIS] | “The Raven [III]” [SYNOPSIS]
“Razar the Unhero” [SYNOPSIS]
“Reanimator”, see “Herbert West: Reanimator”
Masks: Too Hot for TV! Uncensored: “Redhawk – Costumed Hero” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Return of the Sorcerer” [SYNOPSIS]
Shadows on the Grave Foreword #5: “Reunion” [SYNOPSIS]
The Ringworld Throne Comic” [SYNOPSIS]
“Rip in Time” [SYNOPSIS]
“Roda and the Wolf” [SYNOPSIS]
“Roots in Hell” [SYNOPSIS]
“Rowlf” [SYNOPSIS]

| S |

“The Scar” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Secret of Zokma” [SYNOPSIS]

“The Seed from the Sepulcher” [SYNOPSIS]
“Shadow” [SYNOPSIS] | “Shadow [II]” [SYNOPSIS]
“Shadows in the Mist” [SYNOPSIS]
Shadows on the Grave Afterword:
    #1: “Grave of Horror” [SYNOPSIS]
    #3: “Wishing Well” [SYNOPSIS]
    #4: “Masquerade” [SYNOPSIS]
    #5: “The Bonecollector!” [SYNOPSIS]
    #6: “Hungry House” [SYNOPSIS]
    #7: “The Switch!” [SYNOPSIS]
    #8: “The Final Plot” [SYNOPSIS]
Shadows on the Grave Foreword:
    #1: “Vintage Midwest American Tableau” [SYNOPSIS]
    #2: “Dark Passageways” [SYNOPSIS]
    #3: “Deadwell Cemetery Sentinel” [SYNOPSIS]
    #4: “The Orval Krund Story” [SYNOPSIS]
    #5: “Reunion” [SYNOPSIS]
    #6: “The Lionel Wayne Jameson Story” [SYNOPSIS]
    #7: “The Prisoner” [SYNOPSIS]
    #8: “The Maze” [SYNOPSIS]
“Silver, Emeralds and Rubies” [SYNOPSIS]
“Sins of Father” [SYNOPSIS]
“Slash and Burn” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Sleeper” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Sleeper [II]” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Slipped Mickey Click-Flip” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Small World of Lewis Stillman” [SYNOPSIS]
“Sortrum”, see “Gurgy Tate”
“Son of Mutant World” [SYNOPSIS]
“A Sound of Thunder” [SYNOPSIS]
“Space Jacked” [SYNOPSIS]
“Spear and Fang” [SYNOPSIS]
The Spectre, see “A Missing Life”
“Spirit Jam” [SYNOPSIS]
The Spirit, see “The Moon”
“The Spirit of the Beast” [SYNOPSIS]
“Spirit of the Dead” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Split” [SYNOPSIS]
“Startling Stories: Banner”, see “Banner”
“Star Beat” [SYNOPSIS]
“Starr the Slayer” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Story of Oteg” [SYNOPSIS]
“Strung Along” [SYNOPSIS]
“Such Pretty Little Toes” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Survivor” [SYNOPSIS]
Swamp Thing, see “Missing Links”

| T |

“Tales from the Plague” [SYNOPSIS]
“Tales of the Black Diamond”:
Prologue: “Starstone of Blood” [SYNOPSIS]
Part 1(5): “Birth of Blood” aka “Blood Birth” [SYNOPSIS]
Part 2(5): “Bath of Blood” [SYNOPSIS]
Part 3(5): “Crypt of Blood” [SYNOPSIS]
Part 4(5): “Cold Blood” [SYNOPSIS]
Part 5(5): “Cartoon of Blood” [SYNOPSIS]
“A Tangible Hatred” [SYNOPSIS]
“Tarzan: Chance Meeting!” [SYNOPSIS]
“Teenage Mutant Ninja Tutles Take Time”, see “Turtles Take Time”
“The Tell-Tale Heart” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Temple” [SYNOPSIS]
“Terminated” [SYNOPSIS]
“Terror Tomb” [SYNOPSIS]
“The Thing in the Swamp!” [SYNOPSIS]
“Time and Time Again” [SYNOPSIS]
“To Meet the Faces You Meet” [SYNOPSIS]
“Top to Bottom” [SYNOPSIS]
“To Spear a Fair Maiden” [SYNOPSIS]
“Trapped!” [SYNOPSIS]
“Turtles Take Time” [SYNOPSIS]
“Twilight of the Dogs” [SYNOPSIS]

| U |

“Uncle Magnus” [SYNOPSIS]
“Unprovoked Attack on a Hilton Hotel” [SYNOPSIS]

| V |

Vampi’s Feary Tales, see “Metifa!”
“The Vaults of Yoh Vombis” [SYNOPSIS]
“Vic and Blood” [SYNOPSIS]Shadows on the Grave Foreword #1: “Vintage Midwest American Tableau” [SYNOPSIS]
Fantagor Epilogue 4: “We Sure Likes Worms” [SYNOPSIS]

| W |

“The Well” [SYNOPSIS]
“When Dreams Collide” [SYNOPSIS]
The Wild Satanika Jam, see “Mirror Into Black”
“The Window” [SYNOPSIS]
Shadows on the Grave Afterword #3: “Wishing Well” [SYNOPSIS]
“Within You Without You” [SYNOPSIS]“Wizard Wagstaff” [SYNOPSIS]
“Witchball” [SYNOPSIS]
“Wolf Girl Eats”
“A Woman Scorned”
“The Woodlik Inheritance!”
“The Wreck of the Katerra-Dan”

| X |

X-Men, see “Heroes for Hope”

| Y |

“Years & Mind Forever” [SYNOPSIS]
“You Had to Be There” [SYNOPSIS]
“You’re a Big Girl Now” [SYNOPSIS]

| Z |

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