Swamp Thing: Little Runaway. Original Art PlateSwamp Thing: "Little Runaway"

22 pgs. Appeared first time [COLOR] in Swamp Thing #20 (2005).
Story: Joshua Dysart. Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Colors: Martin Breccia. Lettering printed: Phill Balsman.

Spain [SPA]: as Swamp Thing [SPA]: "Pequeño fugitivo", COL in Grande autores de Vertigo: Richard Corben (2015).

Style: Color with black line. Genre: Superhero. Time Span: Present. Nudity: None (one open cleavage in background).
Keywords: Swamp. Freaks. Escape. Micro Cosmos. Evil.
Original Art Plate: Drawn with Sharpie and Pigma pen on Strathmore bristol paper, size 11"x17". [Corben's web site]
Synopsis: Swamp Thing has got followers he does not like. He escapes them into himself, into cells, molecules, atoms and ends up to John Constaine.
Comment: Story is almost an acid trip, though Mr. Corben illustrates it more realistic way. Fractale circles and the explotion in the end are terrific artwork, but the story does not give anything mind blowing. Some of Mr. Corben's frame originals look like been drawn in different sizes; size of pen stroke differs (cf. pg 13, where ants attacks on Swamp Thing).

Swamp Thing: Little Runaway, 22 pgs

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