Duel of the Titans. Original Art Plate"Duel of the Titans"

1 pg. Appeared first time in Squa Tront #4 (1970). Reprinted in Flights into Fantasy (1981) on pg 25.
Story: Robert Barrett. Art: Richad Corben (written sign Barrett&Corben). Lettered by hand (Corben).

GER GER: as "Duel der Titanen" in Fl├╝ge in die Fantasie (1981).
YUG YUG: as "Dvoboj titana", COLOR (!) in Stripoteka #799 (1984).

Style: B&W. Genre: Fantasy / Humour. Time Span: Fantasy. Nudity: Full frontal.
Keywords: Thief. Kidnap. Maiden. Tarzan. Prince charming. Resque.
Original Art Plate: On 17x22" art board.
Synopsis: Conan type of thief has kidnapped a maden, who is screaming for help. Tarzan hears the noice and "Kreegah!" cuts thiefs way. But during fight for the maiden Prince Valiant steals the nude booty.
Comment: This early short story by Barrett is of course short, but it points out Corben's later manouvers: mixing genres, kick bxing, nude women and tongue in the cheek humour.
Special: Only one known color version exits. The story was colored (badly!) by local colorist in Yugoslavian Stripoteka.

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