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| A |

“Alice in Wonderlust” Synopsis
“Aliens: Alchemy” Synopsis
“Alone” Synopsis
“Angel of Andromeda” Synopsis
Hard John Apple: “An Angel Shy of Hell” Synopsis
“Anti-Christmas” Synopsis
“Antique Shop” Synopsis
“Apposites Attract” Synopsis
“Arthur Jermyn” Synopsis
“The Assignation” Synopsis
“As Though They Were Living!” Synopsis
Creepy’s Loathsome Lore! #35: “Astrology” Synopsis
“The Awakening” Synopsis

| B |

“Banner” Synopsis
“The Beast of Wolfton” Synopsis
“The Believer” Synopsis
“Belzon’s Treasure”
“Berenice” | “Berenice [II]”
“Birthday!” Synopsis
“Bless Us, Father…” Synopsis
“Blind Choice” Synopsis
“Bloodsport” Synopsis
“Bloodstar” aka “King of the Northern Abyss” Synopsis
“The Bodyssey” Synopsis
“Bogged in the Bayou!” Synopsis
“Bog’s Deal” Synopsis
Shadows on the Grave Afterword #5: “The Bonecollector!” Synopsis
“Bookworm” Synopsis
“Bowser” Synopsis
“A Brief Encounter at War”, see “Encounter at War”
“Bright Eyes!” Synopsis
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: “Best Served Cold” Synopsis
“Bug” Synopsis
“Bull Digger” Synopsis
The Butcher, Part 1(2), see “Forgive Us Our Tresspasses”
The Butcher, Part 2(2): “Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie” Synopsis

| C |

“Cage” Synopsis
“The Canal” Synopsis
“The Cask of Amontillado” Synopsis
“The Cave of Ancient Fear” Synopsis
“Change…Into Something Comfortable” Synopsis
“Chance Meeting!”, see “Tarzan: Chance Meeting!”
“Chard” Synopsis
Child, Part 1(3): “Child” Synopsis
Child, Part 2(3): “Childhood’s End” Synopsis
Child, Part 3(3): “Mind of the Mass!” Synopsis
“Children of Fire”, see “Den 3: Children of Fire”
“Cidopey” Synopsis
“The City in the Sea” Synopsis
“The Clown” Synopsis
“Coherer” Syno
“El Comico Vivo” Synopsis
“Conan the Cimmerian” Synopsis
“The Conqueror Worm” | “The Conqueror Worm [II]”
Creepy’s Loathsome Lore! #35, see “Astrology”
Creepy’s Loathsome Lore!, Part 2(2), see “The Golden Sun Disk of the Incas”

| D |

“Dagon” Synopsis
“Damsel in Dragon Dress” Synopsis
“The Dare!” Synopsis
Shadows on the Grave Foreword #2: “Dark Passageways” Synopsis
“Dead Hill” Synopsis
Shadows on the Grave Foreword #3: “Deadwell Cemetery Sentinel” Synopsis
“Denaeus” Synopsis
“Demon in the Cockpit” Synopsis
“Den [I]” Synopsis | “Den II” Synopsis
“Den 3: Children of Fire” Synopsis
“Den 4: Dreams” Synopsis
“Den 5: Elements” Synopsis
“DenSaga” Synopsis
“Denz” Synopsis
“Different” Synopsis
“Dome Battle” Synopsis
“Donneman’s Bluff” Synopsis
“Don’t Steal from the Dead!” Synopsis
“Doomscult” Synopsis
“Dreaming” Synopsis
“Duel of the Titans” Synopsis
“A Dumb Story” Synopsis
“The Dweller In the Dark” Synopsis

| E |

“[A Brief] Encounter at War” Synopsis
“Elements”, see “Den 5: Elements”
The Punisher: “The End” Synopsis

| F |

“Fair Trade” Synopsis
“The Fall of the House of Usher” Synopsis
“The Fall of the House of Usher [II]” Synopsis
Fantagor Epilogue #1, see “Inna Pit”
Fantagor Epilogue #3, see Flower Thing
Fantagor Epilogue #4, see “We Sure Likes Worms”
Fantagor Epilogue #5, see “Gurgy Tate”
Fantagor Intro #1: “Fantagor and Uk” Synopsis
Fantagor Intro #2: “Fantagor and Uk Waiting Fer Ya” Synopsis
Fantagor Intro #3: “Me and UK Fishing”
Fantagor Intro #4: “Luscious Lucious”
Fantagor Intro #5: “The Light of Day”
“Fireworks” Synopsis
“Flex!” Synopsis
Fantagor Epilogue #3: “Flower Thing” Synopsis
“For Better or Worse?” Synopsis
“Forewords [#4] by Mag the Hag”, see “The Orval Krund Story”
“Forgotten Tomb” Synopsis
“For the Love of a Daemon” Synopsis
The Butcher, Part 1(2): “Forgive Us Our Tresspasses” Synopsis
“Friedhelm the Magnificent” Synopsis
“From the Pit” Synopsis
“Frozen Beauty” Synopsis
“Fur Trade” Synopsis

| G |

“Gastric Fortitude” Synopsis
Ghost Rider: “Hell to Pay” Synopsis
“Going Home”
“Gone Fishin'”
Creepy’s Loathsome Lore! #34: “The Golden Sun Disk of the Incas” Synopsis
“A Gothic Tale [Part 2]” Synopsis
“The Grave Flies” Synopsis
Shadows on the Grave Afterword #1: “Grave of Horror” Synopsis
“The Grifter!” Synopsis
Fantagor Epilogue #5: “Gurgy Tate” aka “Sortrum” Synopsis

| H |

“Halloween Glasses” Synopsis
“The Happienst Day” Synopsis
Hard John Apple: “An Angel Shy of Hell”
Horrilor Intro #1: “Harrowing Heights” Synopsis
“Haunted House”, short version of “Horrible Harvey’s House!” (no first 3 pages!)
John Constantine, Hellblazer: “Hard Time” Synopsis
“Heirs of Earth” Synopsis
Hellboy: “Being Human” SYNOPSIS
Hellboy: “The Bride of Hell” Synopsis
Hellboy: “The Crooked Man” Synopsis
Hellboy: “Double Feature of Evil”: “Sullivan’s Reward” & “The House of Sebek” Synopsis
Hellboy: “House of the Living Dead” SYNOPSIS
Hellboy: “In Mexico” aka “Camazotz” Synopsis
Hellboy: “Makoma” Synopsis
Hellboy: “The Mirror Synopsis
Ghost Rider: “Hell to Pay” Synopsis
“Herbert West: Reanimator”
“The Hero Within” Synopsis
X-Men: “Heroes for Hope” Synopsis
“A Hill of Husbands!” Synopsis

“Horrible Harvey’s House!” Synopsis
Horrilor Afterwords #1: “Horrilor at Her Desk” Synopsis
Horrilor Afterwords #2: “Horrilor’s Fare Well” Synopsis
Horrilor Intro #1, see “Harrowing Heights”
Horrilor Intro #2: “Horrilor, Eager and Waitin” Synopsis
“The Hounds of Titus Roan” Synopsis
“The House On the Borderland” Synopsis
“How Howie Made It in the Real World” Synopsis
Shadows on the Grave Afterword #6: “Hungry House” Synopsis

| I |

“In Deep” Synopsis
“The Illuminations of Charity Wallis” Synopsis
“Incantation” Synopsis
“The Inducemet” Synopsis
“Infected” Synopsis
Fantagor Epilogue #1: “Inna Pit” Synopsis
“Instinct” Synopsis
“The Island!” Synopsis

| J |

“Jeremy Brood” Synopsis
“Judas” Synopsis

| K |

“Killer Smile” Synopsis
“King of the Northern Abyss”, see “Bloodstar”
“King’s Crown” Synopsis
“Kitten for Christian” Synopsis

| L |

“The Lake” Synopsis
“Lame Lem’s Love” Synopsis
“The Lamp” Synopsis
“A Last, Full Measure”
“The Last Voyage of Sindbad”
“The Light at the End of the Tunnel” Synopsis
Fantagor Intro #5: “The Light of Day” Synopsis
Shadows on the Grave Foreword #6: “The Lionel Wayne Jameson Story” Synopsis
Swamp Thing: “Little Runaway” Synopsis
“The Low Spark of High Heeled Noise!”
Fantagor Intro #4: “Luscious Lucious” Synopsis
“Luke Cage: Hero for Hire”, see Cage
“The Lure of the Tower”
“Lycanklutz” Synopsis

| M |

“M-80” Synopsis
Hellboy: “Makoma” Synopsis
“Mangle, Robot Mangler”
“The Man on the Juice Wagon” Synopsis
“The Masque of the Red Death” Synopsis
Shadows on the Grave Afterword #4: “Masquerade” Synopsis
Masks: Too Hot for TV! Uncensored, see “Redhawk – Costumed Hero”
“Max Comics: Cage”, see “Cage”
“Me an’ Ol’ Rex” Synopsis
Fantagor Intro #3: “Me and UK Fishing” Synopsis
“Melton’s Big Game” Synopsis
“A Memory” Synopsis
Vampi’s Feary Tales: “Metifa!” Synopsis
“Mind of the Mass!”, see Child, Part 3(3)
“Mirror Image” Synopsis
The Wild Satanika Jam: “Mirror Into Black” Synopsis
The Spectre: “A Missing Life”
Swamp Thing: “Missing Links” Synopsis
“Mola the Mole”
Batman: “Monster Maker” Synopsis
“Monsters Rule” Synopsis
The Spirit: “The Moon” Synopsis
“Morella” Synopsis
“The Mounds” Synopsis
“A Muddy Plot” Synopsis
“The Mummy’s Victory” Synopsis
“The Murders in the Rue Morgue” Synopsis
“Murky World” Synopsis
“Murky World [II]!” Synopsis
“The Music of Erich Zann”
“Mutant World” Synopsis

| N |

“Necromancer” Synopsis
“New Tales of the Arabian Nights” Synopsis
“Night of the Monkey”

| O |

“Ogre [I]” Synopsis | “Ogre II” Synopsis
“On the Street” Synopsis
Shadows on the Grave Foreword #4: “The Orval Krund Story” Synopsis
“The Oval Portrait!” Synopsis

| P | Q |

“The Pest!” Synopsis
“Pilgor, Dreams of a Magic Planet” Synopsis
“Pinball Wizard!” Synopsis
“The Plague”
“Planetoid” Synopsis
“Pollution” Synopsis
“The Prematural Burial” Synopsis
The Punisher, see “The End”

| R |

“Ragemoor” Synopsis
“Rat God” Synopsis
“The Rats in the Walls” Synopsis
“The Raven” Synopsis | “The Raven [II]” Synopsis | “The Raven [III]” Synopsis
“Razar the Unhero” Synopsis
“Reanimator”, see “Herbert West: Reanimator”
Masks: Too Hot for TV! Uncensored: “Redhawk – Costumed Hero” Synopsis
“The Return of the Sorcerer” Synopsis
Shadows on the Grave Foreword #5: “Reunion” Synopsis
The Ringworld Throne Comic” Synopsis
“Rip in Time” Synopsis
“Roda and the Wolf” Synopsis
“Roots in Hell” Synopsis
“Rowlf” Synopsis

| S |

“The Scar” Synopsis
“The Secret of Zokma” Synopsis

“The Seed from the Sepulcher” Synopsis
“Shadow” Synopsis | “Shadow [II]” Synopsis
“Shadows in the Mist” Synopsis
Shadows on the Grave Afterword:
    #1: “Grave of Horror” Synopsis
    #3: “Wishing Well” Synopsis
    #4: “Masquerade” Synopsis
    #5: “The Bonecollector!” Synopsis
    #6: “Hungry House” Synopsis
    #7: “The Switch!” Synopsis
    #8: “The Final Plot” Synopsis
Shadows on the Grave Foreword:
    #1: “Vintage Midwest American Tableau” Synopsis
    #2: “Dark Passageways” Synopsis
    #3: “Deadwell Cemetery Sentinel” Synopsis
    #4: “The Orval Krund Story” Synopsis
    #5: “Reunion” Synopsis
    #6: “The Lionel Wayne Jameson Story” Synopsis
    #7: “The Prisoner” Synopsis
    #8: “The Maze” Synopsis
“Silver, Emeralds and Rubies” Synopsis
“Sins of Father” Synopsis
“Slash and Burn” Synopsis
“The Sleeper” Synopsis
“The Sleeper [II]” Synopsis
“The Slipped Mickey Click-Flip” Synopsis
“The Small World of Lewis Stillman” Synopsis
“Sortrum”, see “Gurgy Tate”
“Son of Mutant World” Synopsis
“A Sound of Thunder” Synopsis
“Space Jacked” Synopsis
“Spear and Fang” Synopsis
The Spectre, see “A Missing Life”
Spirit Jam
The Spirit, see “The Moon”
“The Spirit of the Beast”
“Spirit of the Dead” Synopsis
“The Split” Synopsis
“Startling Stories: Banner”, see “Banner”
“Star Beat” Synopsis
“Starr the Slayer” 
“The Story of Oteg” Synopsis
“Strung Along” Synopsis
“Such Pretty Little Toes” Synopsis
“The Survivor” Synopsis
Swamp Thing, see “Missing Links”

| T |

“Tales from the Plague” Synopsis
“Tales of the Black Diamond”:
Prologue: “Starstone of Blood” Synopsis
Part 1(5): “Birth of Blood” aka “Blood Birth” Synopsis
Part 2(5): “Bath of Blood” Synopsis
Part 3(5): “Crypt of Blood” Synopsis
Part 4(5): “Cold Blood” Synopsis
Part 5(5): “Cartoon of Blood” Synopsis
“A Tangible Hatred” Synopsis
“Tarzan: Chance Meeting!” Synopsis
“Teenage Mutant Ninja Tutles Take Time”, see “Turtles Take Time”
“The Tell-Tale Heart” Synopsis
“The Temple” Synopsis
“Terminated” Synopsis
“Terror Tomb” Synopsis
“The Thing in the Swamp!” Synopsis
“Time and Time Again” Synopsis
“To Meet the Faces You Meet” Synopsis
“Top to Bottom” Synopsis
“To Spear a Fair Maiden” Synopsis
“Trapped!” Synopsis
“Turtles Take Time”
“Twilight of the Dogs” Synopsis

| U |

“Uncle Magnus” Synopsis
“Unprovoked Attack on a Hilton Hotel” Synopsis

| V |

Vampi’s Feary Tales, see “Metifa!”
“The Vaults of Yoh Vombis” Synopsis
“Vic and Blood” Synopsis
Shadows on the Grave Foreword #1: “Vintage Midwest American Tableau” Synopsis
Fantagor Epilogue 4: “We Sure Likes Worms” Synopsis

| W |

“The Well” Synopsis
“When Dreams Collide” Synopsis
The Wild Satanika Jam, see “Mirror Into Black”
“The Window” Synopsis
Shadows on the Grave Afterword #3: “Wishing Well” Synopsis
“Within You Without You” Synopsis
“Wizard Wagstaff” Synopsis
“Witchball” Synopsis
“Wolf Girl Eats”
“A Woman Scorned”
“The Woodlik Inheritance!”
“The Wreck of the Katerra-Dan”

X |

X-Men, see “Heroes for Hope”

| Y | Z |

“Years & Mind Forever” Synopsis
“You Had to Be There”
“You’re a Big Girl Now” Synopsis

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