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  • Horror News Network: Comic Legend Richard Corben: The Horror News Network Interview. June 25, 2018 (by ).
    • A rather short interview about Shadows on the Grave anthology, Hellboy, and Murky World in Heavy Metal.
  • DB Angouleme: Interview de Richard Corben. Jan. 23, 2018 (by Stéphane Beaujean, artistic director of the Festival; Frédéric Poincelet, Franck Biancarelli and Matthias Lehmann, comic book authors) [NET] FRA
    • A French language interview of the Anglouleme winner Richard Corben







  • Lance’s Comic Wordl: Master of Reality: My Interview With Richard Corben, Nov. 23, 2009 (by Chris Jones) Only on MuutaNet!
    • Originally published in:
    • A brief interview with Mr. Corben talking about Conan and horror genre on a level of Corben Horror Comics: Poe’s Tales of Mystery and Imagination.



  • Acid Logic: Rapid Fire With Brian Azzarello, Dec. 1, 2006 (by Tom Waters) [NET]
    • Interview with Brian Azzarello about his works, like Max Comics: Cage with Richard Corben.



  • MuutaNet: An Interview with José Villarrubia mid-Aug. 2004 (by SidSid Keränen)
    • Biography, coloring Corben and deeper analysis of his two fumettis, “Veils” and “Promethea”. Only on MuutaNet!



  • MuutaNet: Denis Kitchen Interview April, October 2001 (by SidSid Keränen)
    • Denis Kitchen publishing Mr. Corben. Only on MuutaNet!
  • MuutaNet: Jan Strnad Interview (text version) February, March 2001 (by SidSid Keränen)
    • Covers every single collaboration with Mr. Corben and Mr. Strnad. Only on MuutaNet!


  • Czech Interview with Jan S. Strnad, Nov. 19, 2000 (by Milan Pavlicek) [NET]
    • This interview is not about Mr. Corben or even collaboration with him, though it is made with Mr. Corben’s all time long range script maker Jan Strnad. There is a short Corben mention. It is about Mr. Strnad’s scripts focusing on Star Wars. Interview is put out both in English and in Czech. [old address:


  • Richard Corben on Aliens: Alchemy Interview [ news/interviews/sku_95036int] 26th Aug 1997 (by Bruce Costa, © 2000 for Dark Horse Comics, Inc.).
    • This interview concentrates purely on Mr. Corben’s Aliens: Alchemy comic book serial and his interest of the one and only Alien movie. In the beginning Mr. Corben sure mentions shortly about his all-gone Fantagor Press (“about 5 or 6 years ago”). Only on MuutaNet!
  • Jeffrey Goldsmith Interviews Richard Corben (Dossier)[] (by Jeffrey Goldsmith, © 1997 for Heavy Metal Magazine).
    • Mr. Corben discusses sadly the lost of further adventures of Den, his post-Fantagor Press activities and interest on a field of (animation)films. Only on MuutaNet!


  • Comic Book Rebels: Conversations with the Creators of the New Comics 1992 (by Stanley Wiater and Stehen R. Bissette)
    • About Mr. Corben’s backgrounds and influences, sculpting, short films, early works, Jan Strand, Warren, underground comix, Den, Heavy Metal the Movie, adaptations, Bloodstar, Bruce Jones, Simon Revelstroke, overseas market, nudity, self-publishing.



  • The Richard Corben Interview (by Brad Balfour, © 1981)
  • Richard Corben Answer for Interview
    • Brad Balfour contacted me and gave rights to put out his old interview. You have to remember during it that Richard Corben dislike this interview, because of it’s hostility against him and his family. See corrections and his answer in the end of interview.

Richard Corben – Barcelona (1981) from Lou Radon on Vimeo.

  • Vimeo (video): Richard Corben – Barcelona (1981) SPA
    • Mr. Corben talking about him and his work. Dubbed in Spanish. Running time 1 min. 50 sec. Taken from TV program.



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