Heavy Metal Trading Cards

Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal [trading cards]

1991. Comic Images. 90 cards. [ober]
The card #24 was falsely pronounced to be by Richard Corben. Actually the art is by Richard Lon Cohen (!) and John Townley.

58. “Green Man VERS2 [art2, pg 32, CI-card #P1, Heavy Metal #93 (1984)]

Art of Heavy Metal [trading cards]

1995. Comic Images. 90 cards. [ober]

1. “15 Years of Heavy Metal” [CI-card #66, Heavy Metal Special: 15 Years of Heavy Metal (1992)]

26. “Den and Kath, Looking Heroic” [Graphic Gallery #9 (1976), Heavy Metal Special: Pin Up (1994)]

59. “Den and Kath VERS1 [Heavy Metal Special: Greatest Hits (1994)] PICT

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