Heavy Metal 2017

Heavy Metal


1977-. Heavy Metal. 8″x11″. All covers: glossy color. Guts: generally glossy color and B&W on white. [id]

Heavy Metal #288

No Corben! No Corben! No Corben!

Nov. 1, 2017. Tradeback. [id]

Editorial by Grant Morrison, pgs 4-5. On pg 5: Richard Corben mentioned in an own paragraph.

“Murky World [II]!”, Part 1/15  Synopsis
8 pgs: pgs 7-14. s/a/c-Richard Corben. Color.
The beginning of the 15 part color series (till year 2020).

Heavy Metal #289

No Corben! No Corben! No Corben! No Corben!

2018. Tradeback. [whm]

“Murky World [II]!”, Part 2/15
8 pgs: pgs 57-64. s/a/c-Richard Corben. Color.

Heavy Metal #290

2018. Tradeback. [whm]

“Murky World [II]!”, Part 3/15
s/a/c-Richard Corben. Color.

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