The Most Complete Comicography of Richard Corben

“Murky World [II]”, a 15 part (!) series from Heavy Metal #288 (2017) till year 2020.


Available only from Fantagor Press: Odds and Ends (2009). 32 pgs. 7″x10.5″. Incl. in B&W the second chapter of “From the Pit”, book and CD covers and more.


New Features!


Available from Like [FIN]: Cage [FIN] (2017). Reprints of Max Comics: Cage #1 to #5 (2002). • Review: Cage [FIN] (2017).


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The Offical web site of Richard Corben: The Official Corben Studios site was founded in Nov. 10, 1998. Mine was already up in the air (prob. starting from Aug. 27, 1997).

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