"Vic and Blood"

Vic and Blood
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12+19+18[-1]+13 pgs. Appeared first time in Vic and Blood #1 (1987) to #2 (1988). Reprinted in Vic and Blood [TB] (1989), in Vic and Blood [TB-2nd] (2003).
Story: Harlan Ellison. Art: Richard Corben (signed as Corb). Color: NBM. Lettering: Diane Valentino. Logo (in the first comic book version): Diane Valentino & Kevin Nowlan. Editor (in the first comic book version): Jan Strnad.

GER GER: as "Vic und Blood [GER]: Die Geschichte eines Jungen und seines Hundes", as one COLOR in Vic und Blood [GER]: Die Geschichte eines Jungen und seines Hundes (1988).
FRA FRA: as "Vic & Blood [FRA]", a BW 5 part serial in USA magazine [II] #37 (1988) to #41/42 (1989), and as one COLOR in Vic & Blood [FRA] (1989).
ITA ITA: as "Vic & Blood [ITA]", a 4 part serial in L'Eternauta #77 to #80 (1989), and as one in La nuova mongolfiera #34: Vic & Blood [ITA] (1991).
SPA SPA: as "Vic & Blood [SPA]", a 2 part serial in Vic & Blood [SPA] #1 to #2 (1989), and as one in Super Vic & Blood [SPA] (1989), and as "Rastrero" / "Un muchacho y su perro" / "Corre pequeño corre", as one in Cimoc extra color #72: Vic & Blood [SPA] [TB] (1990).

"Eggsucker". 12 pgs. Vic and Blood #1 (1987)
"A Boy and his Dog", Part 1(2). 19 pgs. Vic and Blood #1 (1987)
"A Boy and his Dog", Part 2(2)]. 18[-1] pgs. Vic and Blood #2 (1988)
"Run, Spot, Run". 13 pgs. Vic and Blood #2 (1988)

Style: Black line / Full color. Genre: SF. Time Span: Future. Nudity: One scene with nude girl.
Keywords: Holocaust. Companion. Telepathy. Hide-away. Zombies. Girls. Spiders. Ghosts.
Story Origin: The entire comics story adaptation covers all three parts of novel ("Blood's a Rover") Harlan Ellison has said he would write about Vic and Blood: "Eggsucker" (first time published in 1977, reprinted also in Vic and Blood [TB-2nd] (2003)), "A Boy and his Dog" (April 1969, reprinted also in Vic and Blood [TB-2nd] (2003)) and "Run, Spot, Run" (Jan. 1981, excerpt reprinted also in Vic and Blood [TB-2nd] (2003)).
Synopsis: After holocaust people try to survive. Dogs' got an ability to communicate with men by telepahty. Females rare spieces. Some people live underneath. Zombies the most scared beings.
Comment: Classical Harlan story with a brilliant Corben artwork. Tradeback version colored badly by NBM. Background info (what happened before the beginning of the story) in the first B&W and Tradeback versions says, "World War III lasted from 25 June 1950 -- to January 1993" and "World War IV broke out on American Independence Day, 4 July 1995". But the 2nd Tradeback version's got three different segments for WWIII; the first one was as mentioned above, WWIII.2 "began either in 1987 -- or December of 1994" and WWIII.3 "began on 11 September 2001 -- lasted till two weeks after Ramadan in the year 2021", and WWIV "broke out on the 215th anniversary of the birth of Edgar Allan Poe - 19 January 2024". In all versions WWIV lasted for 5 days.
Alternatives: The first page of comic book version #2 tells shortly what happened in prev. part. This page does not exist in the full lenght versions (extra art on it!).
Special: The front cover of the first Tradeback a collage of separate bits and pieces from the original story! Partly redrawn. The collage and coloring made by Mark Wheatley.
Movie: See also a movie version of the same story, A Boy and his Dog (1975). Incl. link to the net movie.

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