Neverwhere aka Den [I]ALTERNATIVES

"Den [I]" aka "Neverwhere"

Story/Color/Art: Richard Corben.
*) Chapter 4 says, Color/Art: Richard Corben/[Herb] Arnold.

"DenI", alternatives: Page 11 of the original story (only in Gril Wit [VERS.1]) has been divided on two pages in all later reprints [VERS.2]. The original 4x4 frame page is now enlarged as two 3x3 frame pages. The last frame of page 11 is totally new (a close up of Indian girl); on a new page 12 there is only eight frames to make 3x3 frame page (a lower left corner is empty) [Grim Wit #2 | Den[I] aka Neverwhere].

There is major color differences between these versions. Grim Wit is printed on newsprint and screening is not that fine as in reprinted versions. Some elements (like the head of the stone statue, which Den throws against lizard) has different color, orange background has changed to more yellowish. Pict of girl standing on a top has now colors (not just violet) and pinkish Den in the end is turned to more orange.

Grim Wit's hand written texts are in all reprints in printed letters. There is no text manipulation; texts are as similar as possible.

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