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Kenny Everett

Kenny Everett Early Works [Radio]

[ See also Captain Kremmen Radio Episodes ]

Moment of Terror is a spoof horror show that was originally included as part of the late Kenny Everett’s amazing show with the voice of Vincent Price as the narrator. Show was broadcasted on Capital Radio for Late Night Radio (between Oct. 16, 1973 – early 80's). [see Moment of Terror Podcast, © Creation Podcasts] (MP3, Stereo)

Capital Radio Ads (1973) YouTube

Kenny Everett Guest Appearances and Miscs

Our Tone on BBC Radio One (short biography) [TOP]

Simon Bates and the story of Kenny Everett. Bates talks to mic, excerpts from Kenny Shows and an interview with Lee Everett. YouTube

Kenny Everett Live on Capital Advert (Radio advert in TV) [TOP]

A short trailer to promote Kenny's then new live radio programme for Capital FM. YouTube

Saturday Night Clive by Clive James (talk show, 4 seasons, 1988–1990) [TOP]

Original Air Date—Dec. 1, 1990 (Season 3, Episode 9). BBC. YouTube

Des O'Connor Tonight (talk show, 1990) [TOP]

Original Air Date—1990. ITV. YouTube

Charades (quiz show, 1989) [TOP]

Collection of Kenny Everett parts in a segment of "Give Us A Clue" (two episodes back-to-back). 1989. YouTube

Aspel & Company (talk show, 1988) [TOP]

Original Air Date—16 January 1988 (Season 5, Episode 3).
An interview by Michael Aspel with Joan Collins, Kenny Everett and Keith Floyd. YouTube

Moonwalk by Kenny EverettParkinson (talk show, 1982) [TOP]

An interview by Parkison with Roy Castle, Buddy Rich, Kenny Everett and a special surprising guest. Kenny Everett Moonwalk starts from 4min7sec. 1982. YouTube

Kenny dressed up as Cupid Stunt in the very beginning of the show. YouTube
And later during conversation (see the first YouTube link above) finds a nail of Cupid Stunt from the floor. YouTube

CAPTION: Moonwalk presented by Kenny Everett in 1982 in Parkinson talk show. Michael Jackson made his debut with the same in March 25, 1983 in the Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever television special.

Game for a Laugh (guest appearance, 1982) [TOP]

A guest appearance in the show with Sarah Kennedy. Kenny Everett visits at the bakery in the very beginning of the show. Running time: 8min07sec. 1982. YouTube

Russell Harty Show LWT (guest appearance) [TOP]

A guest appearance in the show. Kenny breaths in helium and talks funny with Russell Harty. Around 1981/1982. Running time: 1min52sec. YouTube

The Benny Hill Show S10e02 (comedy, 1979) [TOP]

Original Air Date—14 March 1979. Thames. YouTube
"Hot Gossamer" (with Henry McGee impersonating Kenny Everett). Dancers included the very famous school girl outfit dancer and Benny Hill as the dark skinned dancer. Music: "Supernature" by Cerrone. The musical sketch lasts for pretty some time, but Kenny Everett impersonating is only an opening joke.


Kenny Everett Early Works [TV]

[ Nice Time | The Kenny Everett Explosion | Making Whoopee | EV | Top of the Pops | Celebrity Squares ]

Nice Time [TOP]

Short clips from the show in an interview documentary Open Air (Jan. 1988) YouTube

Granada. 28 Episodes. 30 mins each. Black and White
Series 1. 14 Episodes. 11th August 1968 – 16th November 1968 Sundays 5.00pm
Series 2. 14 Episodes. 9th March 1969 – 8th June 1969 Sundays 5:30pm
Cast: Kenny Everett, Germaine Greer, Jonathan Routh, Sandra Gough

The Kenny Everett Explosion [TOP]

LWT. 10 Episodes. 30 mins each. Colour. 10th July-11th September 1970
Broadcast Fridays at 7.00pm
Cast: Kenny Everett and Crisp played by Brian Colville

This show mixed pop music with visual trickery plus occassional apperences too by the DJ’s refined retainer, the Jeeves like Crisp, who had also featured in the Radio 1 Shows.

Making Whoopee [TOP]

LWT. 6 Episodes. 30 mins each. Colour. 18th September 1970 – 24th October 1970
Broadcast Friday 7.00pm then Saturdays 6:15pm
Cast: Kenny Everett and Bob Kerr’s Whoopee Band

Each week viewers were transported to a club in Putney to witness Everett introducing the band in a succession of loopy numbers.


LWT. 9 Episodes. 30mins each. Colour. 31st October 1970- 2nd 1971
Broadcast Saturdays 6:30pm then 5:40pm
Cast: Kenny Everett and Crisp played by Brian Colville

Chart Music combined with Chart music with linking films and comedy sketches, notably those of Crisp his unflappable butler, and daffy Granny, ever ready to dispense silly advice. Both characters (The latter voiced by Everett) had graced Kenny's pre-dismissed BBC Radio 1 Shows.

Top of the Pops [TOP]

Here is Kenny Everett intro "Top of the Pops!" for a split second among other clips YouTube

Clip is from 1973, but which edition (11/05, 01/06, 22/06, 10/08, 17/08, 04/10 and 11/10 listed)? Most likely from a solo edition, rumoured to be 10/08/73, as this is the only solo edition to have been said exists privately - However, there exist also a Pan's People performance from a Kenny Everett edition dating to 01/06/73, so it could be from either of these (0:14-0:15).

Meet Kenny Everett (1973). Kenny Everett presents the set of BBC show Top of the Pops (incl. interview). YouTube YouTube

Officially lost in the BBC archives: A small audio clip (11.05.1973) of a wiped T.O.T.P. was found at the end of a C90 cassette tape. It features Kenny Everett introducing the number one record by Dawn! YouTube

Officially lost in the BBC archives: Kenny Everett Intro Junior Campbell "Sweet Illusion" LIVE (22.06.73)! YouTube

Officially lost in the BBC archives: Kenny Everett Pans People- Walking In the Rain (01.06.73)! YouTube

Kenny Everett Pans People-Take Me To The Mardi Gras (22.06.73)! YouTube

Top of the Pops (Oct. 11, 1973). 31 min 11 sec. YouTube YouTube

Captain Kremmen promo for Top of the Pops YouTube

Celebrity Squares (1975–1979) [TOP]

Among others Kenny Everett was the announcer on the original version of ATV's "big box game" Celebrity Squares which ran on ITV from 1975 to 1979.

Here is Celebrity Squares 1976 link with the voice of Kenny Everett introducing along with also ending the show with narration of winners of last weeks game. YouTube

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