Édika (Édouard Karali), together with Marcel Gotlib, is one of the main authors of the satirical magazine Fluide Glacial. Born in Egypt, Édika started his career in advertising illustration, but soon published in the renowned French comic magazines Charlie Mensuel and Fluide Glacial. He found his true home base in the latter magazine. His work also appeared in Pilote and his brother Paul Carali's Psikopat. Édika is known for his strange and absurd humor, which makes him one of the true masters of French humor. His work is collected in several albums, such as 'Débiloff Profondikum', 'Pyjama Blouze', 'Melon Bago' and 'Pom-Pom-Pidou-Waah'. A number of his comic strips have been translated into English (published by Knockabout Comics), Spanish, Italian (in the magazine Totem comics), German (published by Alpha Comics), Swedish (published by Epix), and Finland (published by Like).

Brök by Epix SWE

1988: 7 issues, 1989: 12 issues, 1990: 10 issues, 1991: 1 issues. [GCD]
Most likely each and every issues inclue one Édika story!

Brok #1/88 Brok #3/88 Brok #2/90 Brok #4/90 Brok #6/90 Brok #9/90

Brök #1/1988 SWE

"Toccata och fuga i D-moll" (pgs 3-9) [Original: "Toccata et fugue en ré mineur"]

Brök #3/1988 SWE

"Oans öponn ö tajm in dö oest" ("En gång på en tid i västern" för er som inte kan engelska) (pgs 3-10) [Original: "Il était une fois dans l'Ouest" ou "Il était dans l'Ouest une fois (pour les lecteurs Belges)] [FG95] [Edika8]

Brök #4/1988 SWE

"En sommar -42" (pgs 3-11) [Original: "Un été 42"] [EdikaFRA13]

Brök #7/1988 SWE

"Svart är svart" (pgs 3-8) [Original: "Noir c'est noir"] [FG103] [EdikaFRA9]

Brök #3/1989 SWE

"Arbetslös" (pgs 3-9) [Original: "Chomdu"]

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