MTG Cardsmith: Ragemoor Pub

There is MTG Cardsmith "fan fiction". MTG Cardsmith offers the online service where fans can created collecting cards by themselves. Cards are not printed but they are downloadable. A fan who calls oneself as Biblio (May 31, 2015) made a Ragemoor card which reads, "{t}: Add {b}, {r}, or {g} to your mana pool. / Whenever a creature you control dies, Ragemoor deals 1 damage to target player, then he or she discards a card at random, then put a +1/+1 counter on up to one target creature.". And there is as a main pict, the cover of Ragemoor #1 (2012).

RanXerox in New York American + French

By Stefano Tamburini (story) and Tanino Liberatore (art). Original story printed as a hard cover book in 1982 by Ed. Albin Michel. [web]
Introduction (prob. only in American edition) by Richard Corben.

Reallexikon Der Deutschen Literaturwissenschaft German

By Harald (EDT) Fricke, Jan-Dirk Müller, Klaus Grubmüller, Klaus Weimar. March 1st, 1997. Walter de Gruyter. Hard Bound. [googlebook]
Pg 313: Minor text mention.

Realm #5

Oct. 1972. Art Nouveau Publications, Springfield MO. [ober]
Pgs 53-54: "Journey To Gore's Dungeon". Interview by Ed Romero.
Pg 53: Photo of Jan Strnad and Richard Corben. B&W.
Pg 54: "Castle Girl" B&W. PICT
Pg 56: "Richard Corben by Herb". Artist: Herb Arnold. B&W. PICT

Rebel Visions - The Underground Comix Revolution 1963-1975

2002(?). By Patrick Rosenkranz. Fantagraphics. $40. 9"x12". 292 pgs. Heavily illustrated (B&W and color). Iinformative. Well researched. Oversized. Hard Bound. [håkan,wbp]
Richard Corben included in several places, with a few illustration examples.

Return of the Streetfighter

(?) 1975. Movie one-sheet (promo poster). [ober]
It looks like there is no The Return of the Street Fihgter (1975) by Corben. The only existing poster resamples his style but is evidently not by him. Neal Adams has made some related posters though.

Return to Innsmouth

Aug. 1st, 1999. Animation video directed by Aaron Vanek, produced by Andrew Migliore, for Beyond Books. VHS (NTSC & PAL) video, 30min + 16min documentary. US$15.00. [wbb,ober]
Cover Art designed by Dan Ross (used the deep one monster designed by Richard Corben, based on a drawing by Toren Atkinson)

Sin palabras #6: Richard Corben (Un rebelde tranquilo)

Sin palabras #6: Richard Corben (Un rebelde tranquilo)

Richard Corben's Art Books

Richard Corben's Art Book [Volume 1]
Richard Corben's Art Book, Volume 2


By Jan Strnad. May, 2000. Xlibris Corporation. 352 pgs. Paperback ("print in demand", i.e. no fixed quantity of prints). [plogg]
Front Cover Art: "Risen" (frame excerpt from the story "New Tales of the Arabian Nights", pg 55, first frame extremely trunken)

Robert E. Howard: A Short Biography of Robert E. Howard

1999. Rusty Burke. 64 pgs. Cross Plains Comics, NY. [ober]
Pg 21: "Ga-Nor"

Robert E. Howard: Lone Star Fictioneer I, 3

Fall 1975. Nemedian Chronicles, Shawnee Mission KS. [id]
Cover Art: "And Kane Went Mad!", by Alan Weiss. Color by Richard Corben and Herb Arnold.
Pgs 36-37: "Interview: Glenn Lord", by REHLSF. They talk about upcoming Richard Corben's "King of the Northern Abyss" (that is workname for "Bloodstar"), the fleshed out "The Valley of the Worm". PDF

Rocket Blast Comic Collector #68

Before the advent of Alan Light's T.B.G. (The Buyer's Guide) in 1971, the Rocket Blast was the marketpalce for Comic Book Fandom and related collecting fields. There was no Internet, nor Comic Book Shops and the only Conventions were in New York City and a few other large cities held on a sporadic basis.
1970. S.F.C.A./G.B. Love. Comic book fanzine, adzine. [ebayes]
Ad on pg 234 (?): "Support Fantagor #1: On Guard"

Rocket Blast Comic Collector #74

1970. S.F.C.A. 2000 print of run. [ober]
Cover: "Planetary Geographic" (FiF, pg 55)

Rocket Blast Comic Collector #79

1971 (?). S.F.C.A. [lopez,ober]
Pg 9 (the first page of an ad): "Help starving fanzine editor". B&W. Pict
Pg 10 (the second page of an ad): "Lizard's Lunch". B&W. Pict
Pg 115: A frame from "The Story of Oteg" (the last frame of pg 6). B&W.

Rocket Blast Comic Collector #80

Apr.(?) 1971. S.F.C.A. Print run of 2000. [ober,ebay,lopez]
Pg 19: Praise for Richard Corben in letter from James Loehr.
Pg 19: "Daemon, Address Frame" Pict

Rocket Blast Comic Collector #81

May(?) 1971. S.F.C.A. Print run of 2000. [ober,ebay]
Front Cover: "Skull Asteroid" (FiF, pg 53)
Back Cover: an ad for 'Miamicon 2' (August 20 & 21, 1971). Under 'Original Art Display', it lists "Space People" by Richard Corben, and under 'Auctions', it says "an unpublished piece" by Richard Corben.
Pg 6-7: an ad for 'D Con'71' (July 8-11, 1971) in Dallas, Texas
Pg 7: mention of film "Neverwhere [the Movie]" (1968) at 'Amateur Film Festival'
Pg 90 column, "Hot Air from a Cool Fan", states that the Jan., 1971 Miamicon was put together on a $100 budget: $35 for rental of the hall, and, among other expenses, $10 for the rental of an 8mm film projector. "And Richard Corben was kind to loan us "Neverwhere [the Movie]" (1968)."
Pg 91: "Jewels of Gwahlur" [Golden Age #7 (1971)]
A Corben fan was worried (letters page section on pg 19 of this issue) about the bad quality of this artwork in Golden Age print. The editor replies that it was printed inadvertently flipped (i.e. mirror image) by printer. Here artwork has been reprinted as it suppoused to be!
Pg 93: an ad for Golden Age #7 (1971) for the six-page portfolio, "World of Conan", showing "Gorilla with Wings" (size of 1/4 of the page)

Rocket Blast Comic Collector #82

June/July (?) 1971. S.F.C.A. Print run of 2000. [ober,ebay]
Pg 187: one paragraph letter from Richard Corben complimenting "Maxor"

Rocket Blast Comic Collector #83

Aug.(?) 1971. S.F.C.A. Print run of 2000. [ober,ebay]
Cover: "Cyclops " (FiF, pg 11 upper right, art2, pg 12)
Pg 97: mention of film "Neverwhere [the Movie]" (1968) shown at D-Con.

Rocket Blast Comic Collector #90

(?) S.F.C.A. [ober]
Pg 18: "Tars Tarkas with Sword and Pistol" in ad for Mid American Con.

Rocket Blast Comic Collector #100

(?) 1973. 2225, S.F.C.A. [ober]
Pg 41: Richard Corben included.

Rocket Blast Comic Collector #125

(?) S.F.C.A. [ober]
Pgs 47, 48: mentioned in a review by James Van Hise of "A Feast Unknown"

Rocket Blast Comic Collector #129

Aug. 1976. S.F.C.A., Coral Gables FL. [ober]
Pg 16: Abbreviated bibliography

Rocket Blast Comic Collector #142

April 1978. S.F.C.A. [ober]
Pg 29: Critique of Richard Corben by James Van Hise
Pg 50: Richard Corben mentioned in review of "Hot Stuf" #5 by Mark Burbey

The Rook #1

Oct. 1979. Warren. [twc,ober]
Cover Art: "Buck Blaster"

RRAAH! #22 German

1993. In German. [comicde]
Pg 48: "Snapshot" (pict/photo with birthday info)

RRAAH! #31 German

1995. In German. [comicde]
Cover Art: "Kath Grasped by Ard" (trunked mid frame from pg 79 of "Neverwhere")
Pgs 8-15: "Im Blickpunkt" (article about Richard Corben, prob. with bibliography)

Rumble #13 Comics

Aug. 17, 2016. Image Comics. [tfaw]
Alternative Cover Art: "Rumble #13" by Richard Corben and Reed Pict
Insides: John Arcudi, James Harren.

Russ Cochran's Comic Art Auction Catalog (several #'s)

(?) 1980-1981. [ober]
Richard Corben mentioned.

Russ Cochran's Mothly Art List Catalog (several #'s)

(?) 1979. [ober]
Richard Corben mentioned.

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