As many other talented realistic painter/comic artists Richard Corben uses models and photos to help to reach photorealism into his fantasy images (he paints picts with logical three dimentional inner world, a realism of their own). You can imagine the quantity of photos in his archieves. Sometimes he can pick up the very same individual photo for a reference.

Here's an example case.


The girl on the left is Maggie. She's from the story "Rip in Time" ("Part 2", pg 13, middle upper frame), by Bruce Jones. The other girl is called Quilla June Holmes. She's from the story "Vic and Blood" ("A Boy and his Dog", pg 20, farest upper left frame), by Harlan Ellison. Mr. Corben has one single photo to creat both picts, though characters, locations and moments of the story are complete different. Don't let the hair fool you. Pay attention girl's hands, their position and the position of fingers, the bra, the form of the back and the back muscular. Shadow under hands is also evident.


There's also an another example where a Corben fan found a possible source photo from Playboy magazine for Mr. Corben's old comic story "Rowlf".

Pay attention on knee and expression on face . There is an artistic freedom on a pict, but the smile and position of head are evident.

And Corben has done several B&W horror picts based on existing photos (mostly appeared in Photon; photos taken from Warren Presents [#09]: Dracula '79, which can be the source for Corben as well). See examples.


VampireStakeBehind ChrisLeeImpaled


The rest of picts:

WhiteZombie [See also other Photon picts]

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