Corben Draws Corben

Sometimes an artists wants to play with his art. Here's collected artworks where Richard Corben used his own outlook as a part of his art.

Self Portraits

"Self Portrait, As Gore" "Self Portrait Caricature, Scowling" "Self Portrait Caricature, Smiling" (BW) "Self Portrait Caricature, Smiling" (color)

"Self Portrait, As Gore" PICT
Anthology of Slow Death (1975) | Flights into Fantasy (1981) |

"Self Portrait Caricature, Scowling" PICT
Richard Corben Art Book #2 (1994) | Comic Book Artist #4 (1999) | Heavy Metal Special, Vol. 12, #2: Richard Corben Special [TB] (1998) | Heavy Metal Special, Vol. 12, #2: The Best of Richard Corben from Creepy & Eerie (1998) |

"Self Portrait Caricature, Smiling" (BW) PICT
Flights into Fantasy (1981) |

"Self Portrait Caricature, Smiling" (color) PICT
Famous Cartoonist Series #12: Richard Corben (Mid 1970's) |

"Self Portrait, Crewcut" "Self Portrait (New Visions)"

"Self Portrait, Crewcut" PICT
Flights into Fantasy (1981) | Vampirella #16 (1972) |

"Self Portrait (New Visions)"
The New Visions (1982) |


"The Slave Girl " PICT
Richard Corben Collector Card #71 (1993) (as "Slave Market") | Fantastic Females (1984) | 1986 International Corben Calendar (1985) | Richard Corben Art Book #2 (1994) | The Wizard of Anharite (1980) |
[FRA] L'Echo des savanes spécial U.S.A. [I] #24 "hors série" (1982) | SPA [SPA] Ilustracion+Comix Internacional #32 (1983) |
Each character in the crowd is based either on Mr. Corben or Herb Arnold.

"The Slave Girl " (revised, background and the hair of a slave changed) PICT
Richard Corben Art Book #2 (1994) |
See prev.

Comics stories

The Low Spark of High Heeled Noise!

"The Low Spark of High Heeled Noise!"
8 pgs. Appeared first time in Creepy #57 (1973). Reprint in Comix International #1 (1975) and in Heavy Metal Special: The Best of Richard Corben from Creepy & Eerie! (1998).
Story: Doug Moench. Color(prob. colored by overlays)/Art: Richard Corben (no signature). Lettered by hand (Warren).
Is the protagonist Mr. Corben himself?



And he used faces and bodily structures of his friends as well.

Bruce Jones:

The Bodyssey

Bruce Jones is Pilgor, and Karen Gilbertson Ammora in The Bodyssey (1985). Or at least they bodily structures.

He was also in The Dark Planet (1989). See Miscs bellow.

Karen Gilbertson

See, Karen Gilbertson page


Herb Arnold Dark Planet Richard Corben Dark Planet Stan Dresser Dark Planet Karen Gilbertson Dark Planet Bruce Jones Dark Planet Simon Revelstroke Dark Planet

In video, The Dark Planet (1989), acts Herb Arnold, Richard Corben, Stan Dresser, Karen Gilbertson, Bruce Jones, and Simon Revelstroke in flesh.

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